The Federation of
Merchant Mariners

1 in 3 Club

What is the “1 in 3 Club”?

One of our members when listening to the stories of service by ex-military men made to turn to his Merchant Seafarer friend and say “never mind we are the “1 in 3””, referring to the losses of Merchant Seamen during the Atlantic/Arctic convoys.

We thought all our members who served during those terrible days of WWII should be given the distinction of being referred to as the “1 in 3 Club”.

“1400 miles across the Atlantic in 118 days”

The Norland was a brand new tanker, built in the Clydeside shipyards and this was to be her maiden voyage...more...

More survivors from the Orcades

We have heard from Harry Garrity, and Dennis Windsor both members of our “1 in 3” club saying they also were on the Orcades when she was torpedoed. The 10th October this year is the 70th anniversary of her sinking.

The Day We Mistook the Conning Tower of a U-boat for a Buoy!

Most people are aware of the fact that the first Merchant Navy casualties of WWII were on the Athenia.  But what was the last casualty the Merchant Navy suffered?...more...

War Service with the Royal Mail 1940-46

I made my first voyage to sea in 1937 at the age of 17.  I was a waiter with Cunard White Star Line and we sailed to New York...more...