The Federation of
Merchant Mariners

Crossing the Bar

John Ashton of Chatteris, Cambs in April 2013. John was an active member of the Cambridgeshire Merchant Navy Association for many years, and he will be remembered for his sense of humour which never left him.

Christian John Williams aged 91, of Shepherds Bush, in April 2013. A senior and long term member of the Federation who will be missed by many. He served during wartime as a stoker, and had been on many a dangerous convoy. Always smiling, he was one of life's true gentlemen.

Victor Lewis Austin of Rhyl, a much respected member of the Federation, in March 2013.

Arthur Jack Hawkes of Sevenoaks, a longstanding member of the Federation in Feburary 2013.

Edward Driscoll in April 2013 aged 87. Edward was presented with his UK Merchant Seafarers Veterans Badge in Cardiff, no in London as reported in a previous issue of New Horizons.

William George Cole of East Sussex, in February 2013.

John William Henry Oates from the Isle of Man, in December 2012. John joined Bibby Line towards the end of WW2, finally retiring as a much respected Purser after some 40 years of service.

Ted Simmonds of the Marine Officers Society of Thanet in August 2013 in Margate. He was 88 years old. When Ted was 14 years old he was "Deck Boy" on the Thames Hopper Barge "Galleon's Reach" working in Portsmouth harbour when they were ordered to Dunkirk to take troops off the beaches. He went on to be Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy.

Charles Frederick Leeming of Carlton in July 2013. Both Charles and Margaret his wife were outstanding supporters.