The Federation of
Merchant Mariners

A Federation of Merchant Seafarers Associations

For Merchant Mariners the price paid for victory in WWII was very high. It is estimated that between 1939 and 1945 almost 5000 merchant vessels were sunk and around 60,000 seafarers killed - many of them sailing under the British flag and the various flags of the Dominions. Most have 'no grave but the sea'.

Launched in early 2004, the Federation of Merchant Mariners brings together many associations/organisations connected to the Merchant Navy whose aim is to gain recognition for the role that merchant seafarers have played in the defence and development of the nation.

The past is important but the Merchant Mariners is not backward looking. The torch of our maritime heritage handed to us by Merchant Navy Veterans must be passed on to young people to carry on the traditions of the sea.

President, Commodore R W Warwick OBE MNI, Master Queen Mary 2

Donald Staddon - Honorary Deputy here

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